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  1. The partner I was paired with for this peer review assignment did an amazing job! Her project is all about the Aerobic Catabolism in Distance Nordic Skiers. In her essay she explains how Aerobic metabolism is when our body is able to generate ATP in the presence of oxygen. She then going on to explain what anaerobic metabolism. Anaerobic metabolism is is when our body generates ATP in a oxygen-lacking environment. She then later on goes on to explain the different steps of cell respiration and how this process is incorporated with the Glucose and ATP the help endurance skiers finish their race. She then explains how maintaining an even pace in a race is very important. This is because this allows the skier to stay under the lipid-burning threshold and they can also keep using carbohydrates in order to maintain aerobic catabolism. She also talks about how taking carbohydrates prevents fatigue. I think she did an awesome job in her writing portion, it was really easy to understand and read and it was very well written. Her drawing shows a skier in a long distance race. In her drawing she shows how the Gu goes through the skier and is able to help with the ATP and glucose that allows the racier to be able to keep a a steady pace and finish the whole race. This whole project covers the course learning objective “Know the different energy molecules in the cell and their use in anaerobic and aerobic exercise,”. This was covered really well in her writing portion and her art piece. I really enjoyed being able to see her project. Great Job!

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