Total Proctocolectomy with Permanent Ileostomy

I focused on the digestive system, specifically what a digestive system looks like and how it functions after a total proctocolectomy with a permanent ileostomy. A total proctocolectomy involves removing the large intestine, colon, and rectum. An ileostomy is when the terminal ileum is brought through an incision in the …

Don’t Be So Hormonal


Here’s my brief comic about how hormones can effect the body. We all have a slightly exasperated individual sitting in the office of our mind wondering how they got in this situation to begin with. (If the text is too hard to read then I would suggest either clicking on the image or right clicking on the image to view and then zooming there. I didn’t plan out my comic spacing before hand.)

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Prosopagnosia; An Interpretation

Prosopagnosia, or “face blindness”, is a condition which prohibits the individual from recognizing faces due to an issue in the anterior fusiform gyrus, and they must rely on other telling aspects of a person (like clothes, jewelry, or distinctive facial features like a mole)- this condition causes the individual possessing it to have a plethora of social difficulties, and for this project I wanted to create an art piece that portrayed the feeling of being surrounded by unknown faces, and having a person one knows through a different feature finally being recognized.