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  1. Hey Michelle! This STEAM project is awesome! I appreciate your attention to detail and your ability to make gangrene look so realistic. You did a great job of connecting this project to our class objectives. Your focus was directed on showing how gangrene can infect tissues in the foot and cause bacterial infection. I have never heard of this disease before so I appreciate getting the opportunity to learn about it. You captured the effects of the different types of gangrene really well. The foot infected by wet gangrene clearly shows the implications for a bacterial infection as it is missing a toe due to amputation! The foot representing dry gangrene clearly shows the blood flow being cut off and the change in color of the skin. The gas gangrene shows the damage that can occur when the bacterial infection reach deep inside the foot and start to release gases. Each of your representations show how the types of gangrene can infect the muscle tissues in the foot and lead to further damage. Great job on this project!

    Maura Grahek

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