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  1. Cayla’s project was writing a children’s book to explain everyday chemical reactions. I thought it was well done and a great way to teach anyone about chemical reactions. I enjoyed her illustrations. Cayla does a great job defining chemical reactions and provided clear examples. I learn best when there are practical examples of something, it helps me to understand it more fully and that is exactly what I experienced in being able to summarize Cayla’s steam project. In this she discussed the different types of chemical reactions, synthesis and decomposition. For example, she drew a candle and explained that exothermic reaction because the heat being released. She drew a cup of ice water to show how the ice melts by absorbing energy and heat. Then she goes onto give the real-life examples of things that we do every day such as cooking which involves heat and how food that is being cooked is endothermic as it needs to absorb the heat. Another example was brushing teeth and the chemical reactions that allow the fluoride to work so well in cleaning our teeth. The toothpaste replaces calcium and other things that help this everyday task to work so well. You did a great job with the educational book, I enjoyed your drawings and very well-done narrative of daily chemical reactions, good job!

    Brenda Hagen

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