My art project is a visual aid to show the different regions of the brain, their functions and how traumatic brain injuries (TBI’s) can effect each region of the brain.

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  1. Naomi’s project takes each major region of the brain, explains what each region is ultimately responsible for, and then shows how a TBI can affect each individual region. Naomi created a photo representation tracing out each region and labeling them. Naomi then created a page behind it that is revealed once you remove the brain to show each region, what they control, and what can be altered after a traumatic brain injury.

    TBIs or Traumatic Brain injuries can affect each region of the brain. Their effects on the frontal lobe can include trouble with problem-solving, memory issues, lack of attention span, issues with social behavior, personality changes, and lack of impulse control. Parietal lobe injuries can affect perception, writing, language, spatial awareness, and the ability to process and interpret sensory information. In the occipital lobe, TBIs can affect visual recognition, spatial awareness, and general vision. The temporal lobe TBIs affect language understanding, learning and retaining new information, visual and auditory attention, and emotions.

    Tiana Newby

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