Follicular, Ovulatory, and Luteal Phases with and without PCOS: A model with clay

Two models are shown: one will show the normal development of tertiary follicles and dominant follicles, and the other will show the disrupted development in a woman with PCOS related to hormone imbalances.
This shows the follicular phase. As you can see, gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) stimulates follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) production. In the case of PCOS, too much LH is produced, resulting in several more follicles.
Continuing out the follicular phase, a dominant follicle produces estrogen, leading to a decrease in GnRH, LH, and FSH. In the ovary of a woman with PCOS, a dominant follicle does not emerge, and the regular estrogen production may not occur.
This shows the beginning of the ovulatory phase. The dominant follicle survives in the follicular phase, secretes estrogen, and triggers a positive feedback loop in that causes LH and FSH production to rise again. For a woman with PCOS, this positive feedback loop is never triggered.
During the luteal phase, the released oocyte travels towards the uterus while the granulosa and theca cells in the follicle form the corpus luteum, which produces progesterone. With PCOS, there is no corpus luteum and therefore no progesterone production.
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The Courier (dystonia): Cynthia Bridgers’ 2k22 STEAM Project

Course Objective: Explain how neurons carry an electrical charge

This short comic explains how an action potential is used in a neuron to cause a sudden clench to an individual’s hand who has a condition known as dystonia. This comic will demonstrate how much like roads neurons allow for energy to be carried throughout the body in order for multiple different functions, such as movement.
To best understand this comic please read right to left.

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“My Head’s Underwater But I’m Breathing Fine”

These paintings are over 6ft in height and 3ft wide in total and were installed in a stairwell where the top image can be over 12 feet above your head depending on where you are standing. The physical scale and height were important to impart the feeling of being far removed from air/oxygen.

The topic of my STEAM project is how Hydrogen Cyanide gas lethally obstructs the hemoglobin in our red blood cells from picking up and transporting oxygen. Our cells and organs suffocate from lack of oxygen even though we keep breathing, this is called metabolic asphyxiation. When hydrogen cyanide is inhaled it does not damage the respiratory system itself but it stops our ability to carry oxygen with results in systemic failure and rapid death. We basically drowned on the gas, much the same as we would in deep water, thus the painting instillation I created.

There is a great deal of information about the dangers of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning associated with fires and heating equipment. At this point most Alaskans have CO alarms in their homes right next to the smoke detector. Unfortunately, another danger to first responders such as firefighters and medics, along with victims encountering fire smoke, especially in structure fires, is hydrogen cyanide (HCN). Research indicates that HCN is 35 times more toxic than CO. This is a common and deadly threat that could affect any of us, so sharing this information is vital.

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Manufactured Cardiac Tissue

Manufacturing Cardiac Tissue

For my STEAM project I decided to take a deeper look into cardiac tissue. Through my research I found something that was super interesting. Scientists have made significant advancements in replacement heart tissue research over the past couple years. The art project I decided on was a replica of cardiac tissue with a bit of a twist. The cardiac tissue is broken up into puzzle pieces. I decided on this design because I believe in an abstract way, it represents my research beautifully. The cardiac tissue looks indiscernible from the real thing (or at least it is supposed to/would if I were an artist) except for the representation of puzzle pieces. This is used to show the viewer that it was manufactured and put together by scientist and did not occur naturally in the body.

Also, I am not sure why my picture is embedded as a link but i cannot seem to fix it.

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In A Week

I decided to create a five canvas panel to show the different stages of decomposition. I used acrylic paints, a sharpie, and a healthy dose of nihilism. There is some aspect of nudity, but it is for artistic purpose and because clothes go through a completely different process of decomposition than the human body. Click photos for better quality.

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Bone Density

For my STEAM Project, I chose to illustrate bone density in an active and inactive elderly women. I illustrated this using moose bones and clay. My goal was to relate this back to bone development and repair. Attached you will see the difference in an active and inactive elderly women. The active women shows good bone health, whereas the inactive women is already suffering from osteoporosis.

Wohlers STEAM 2020

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STEAM Muscular Art Project

Chelsey A. Decker

The human body is covered by means of muscles, made up of greater than 650 of them. The purpose of the muscular gadget is for the frame to move, keep posture, and produce warmness. There are three exclusive types of muscular tissues tissues; cardiac, smooth, and skeletal. There are also forms of muscle tissue are in the frame; voluntary and involuntary. those which we will circulate are the voluntary muscle tissues; the ones which move on their very own, just like the heart, are involuntary muscle groups.

whilst muscle groups move, they surely produce other muscle groups supporting out. when one muscle flexes, its opposite relaxes, for example; the tongue. The tongue works with different muscle mass in the mouth so that we will chunk, swallow, and communicate. every other top example of a unison muscle will be the coronary heart. The coronary heart is the maximum important muscle in our frame. It’s what pumps blood inside and out of our veins and arteries, and is what offers our body oxygen. The coronary heart is not handiest composed of cardiac muscle tissues. it’s also joined with skeletal muscle. without skeletal muscular tissues, veins might not be able to get blood shifting. They could should depend upon gravity and momentum o get thru the frame elements it needs to. As formerly cited, the coronary heart is an involuntary muscle. humans do not have to consider making their coronary heart beat; it occurs obviously, like respiration.

muscle mass make up 40% of the frame’s weight. The nervous device sends signals to the muscular device which purpose the muscular tissues to contract. Muscle contractions are what create motion. Skeletal muscle mass are a voluntary muscle. An instance of a skeletal muscle would be an arm muscle. A teacher tells you to elevate your hand, and that signal is going out of your ears, in your brain, for your arm ensuing in you elevating your arm consciously. Cardiac muscle tissues, not like skeletal muscle mass, are related collectively and no longer connected to bones. clean muscular tissues makes up the walls round maximum of the human frame’s organ systems. This tissue is managed by way of each the body’s hormones and fearful system.

The 3 main jobs of the muscular system are to hold frame heat regulated, keep the frame’s stability, and create movement. Homeostasis is the balance and stability of the human frame; the body’s manner of maintaining consistency. The muscular machine performs a massive element inside the human frame’s homeostasis. even if the body is at rest, muscle tissues are constantly shifting to maintain their tone constant and to hold the frame’s regular temperature. muscle mass are product of fibers which comprise oxygen, which is swiftly used up by motion. during workout the muscle groups need greater energy than ordinary, and that strength comes from glucose. The glucose, or sugar, is was ATP. during this procedure the muscle tissues us up all the oxygen. That’s whilst the muscle tissues convert the glucose into lactic acid, which is what hurts after a day of immoderate exercising. because the frame’s way of homeostasis, whilst you’re cold, you shiver. this is because the frame is telling the muscle to shake hastily. the short actions of the muscle groups are the body’s way of preserving the body temperature normal.

This diagram shows all of the main muscle tissues of the frame. muscle tissue are locating everywhere in the body, from the top of the head to the lowest of the toes. Neck muscular tissues are used to move the top in any unique course. The shoulder muscle mass (or trapezius) stabilize the head and shoulders, the fingers muscular tissues circulate the palms and shoulders, the stomach muscle tissue are for transferring your torso, and your leg muscular tissues are for taking walks and balance. The maximum important muscle tissue inside the body are those which run along the backbone (the latissimus dorsi). these muscle tissues help support the body and assist with standing upright. the most important muscle in the human body is the gluteus maximus, or the buttock. As unflattering as that sounds, this muscle is as critical as every other muscle in the body. The buttocks are what hold the legs transferring, defend the pelvic bones while we sit down down (or give way). This muscle is likewise liable for preserving the body standing immediately.

The face is protected in muscles. those muscle mass manage a big kind of actions, mainly around the mouth and eyes. There are over 30 muscles inside the face which display looks which include a grin, frown, grimace, or surprise. Eye muscle groups do the maximum transferring inside the complete frame. research have proven that the eye muscle groups pass over 100,000 instances a day. however eye muscles don’t stop transferring when you nod off. throughout REM (fast eye motion) the eyes move at a rapid tempo, which create your dreams.

As crucial because the muscular gadget is, it’s miles simply as prone to illnesses, disorders and cancers as another device of the frame. diseases which could affect the muscular system are fibromyalgia, muscular dystrophy, and tendonitis. A majority of muscle disorder cause muscle weak point, fatigue, and deterioration of muscle fibers. problems that can affect the muscular gadget are usually due to an immune deficiency, poison, or genetic cause. problems of the muscle groups which might be related to the immune machine can regularly result in tumors. most cancers within the muscular gadget is hardly ever heard of, but they do exist. muscle tissues are made up of cells, much like the rest of the body. this means there is no exception for the muscular tissues becoming cancerous. a few examples of muscular cancers could be myosarcoma or abdominal cancer. Myosarcoma is most cancers of the muscle mass, ensuing in tumors. abdominal most cancers is a cancer that can arise in any organ of the stomach cavity of the frame (ovaries, intestines, the abdominal muscle tissues themselves est.…). signs of muscle most cancers are; weight loss, jaundice, lack of appetite, vomiting, and/or huge mass within the belly location. remedy for muscular cancers could be to surgically cast off the cancer, chemotherapy, or radiation.

other mishaps with muscles may be bruising or puncture wounds, but the incredible element approximately muscular tissues is that they are able to regenerate. which means they are capable of develop again tissues that they have misplaced. All skeletal muscle tissues are able to regenerating. In cases of large injuries to muscle tissue, fibrosis happens. whilst fibrosis takes region, the muscle fills inside the area of lacking tissue with scar tissue. After fibrosis, the muscle then undergoes a transforming stage. This makes the muscle tissues extra bendy and portable. this could take time, and so message therapy could be a very good best in the course of the reworking stage. The muscular gadget without a doubt is a totally top notch system of the human frame!

precis: The muscular system plays a first-rate function inside the human frame. Homeostasis takes region each moment of our lives within the muscular system. muscle tissue are constantly shifting and are the main position in peoples’ ordinary transportation and verbal exchange. just like another gadget of the human frame, the muscular system is prone to sickness, disorders and cancers however the muscular gadget is capable of restore itself and hold doing its activity.
UKEssays. (November 2018). The purpose of the muscular system. Retrieved from

I attached my essay.

Pathway of Food Through the Digestive System

My STEAM project is about the pathway that food takes through the digestive system as well as some key roles that take place at each organ. In my essay, I went into depth as to the path that food takes from mouth to anus.

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