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  1. I appreciate the preamble explaining how your. STEAM project is connected to a specific unit, and a brief description overview of what your project is going over. The brochure’s organization and setup allows for your project to condense a large amount of information about your topic as opposed to a more abstract one, and makes it easy to follow in a physical form. The diagram is helpful for visualizing the areas that uterine polyps affects. The birth control section is useful as a reminder for how they work and makes this a more comprehensive overview of the unit, and the statistics section is super fun as just a brass tacks version of some facts and allowing you to pack even more information into this already dense work. The overview on ovulation and the menstrual cycle is probably my favorite as it is accompanied by two pieces of visually striking art. Finally the symptoms, clinical diagnosis and treatment sections being grouped together for viewers convenience is nice. Finally I appreciate that you included your references to further add to your credibility.

    Focused purely on the art itself, the positioning and amount of art on the brochure is effective. Not intruding on the information you’re trying to get across, but I wish there was more as what is included is very well done. Colored pencil art takes a substantial amount of time without requiring a great deal of touching up to fully color in a piece, and the amount of precision displayed regardless calls for some form of accolades. The colors are distinct, not blending to gather as most pieces do at some point or another, helping with your diagrams being able to label specific parts instead of just indistinguishable parts of a pink blob. I further want to stress the importance of these diagrams in getting your point across as for a consumer who does not have the same background do being in the class can probably pick up this brochure and be able to get all the information they need out of it, instead of requiring filling in any information that’s missing on their own.

    Jacob Odom

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