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    In the captivating STEAM project piece titled “We Are One,” Haleah Schmidt beautifully captures the connection between a mother and her unborn child, drawing comparisons to a symbiotic relationship that is essential for survival. Throughout the poem she wrote and by using metaphorical language she examines the intimate bond formed between the mother and her developing baby, symbolized by intricate network of the placenta and umbilical cord. Schmidt’s essay delves into the physiological elements of pregnancy, highlighting the significance of the placenta as a lifeline providing nutrients, oxygen, and support to the growing fetus. She also describes the stages of pregnancy, from the formation of the placenta in the early weeks to its role in the birthing process. Additionally, Schmidt offers insight into various cultural practices surrounding the placenta, such as encapsulation and lotus birth, illustrating the multifaceted ways in which individuals interact with this remarkable organ. Ultimately, Schmidt’s essay serves as a poignant exploration of the miracle of pregnancy and the profound role of the placenta’s significant contribution to the strengthening of the link between mother and child. By seamlessly blending scientific knowledge with cultural perspectives, she encourages readers to contemplate the complexities of human reproduction. Furthermore, she advocates for continued research into the placenta’s critical role in maternal and fetal health. Through her compelling narrative, Schmidt invites readers on a thought provoking journey, urging them to explore the depths of this extraordinary biological phenomenon.

    Karis Evans

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