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  1. Trentin’s STEAM project discusses Multiple Sclerosis and the role of B cells and antibodies in the humoral adaptive response. MS is a chronic inflammatory disease that involves neurodegeneration and demyelination. The role of B cells is to protect against foreign pathogens and substances. The B cells trigger an inflammatory response in the brain and spinal cord. Evidence suggests that antibodies targeting specific myelin proteins may be contributing to MS pathogenesis. The autoantibodies attack myelin proteins which results in an inflammatory and dysfunctional response. The tissues damaged and inflamed can be observed as the neurological deficits in the affected person. Other possible causes of MS may include genetic alleles that increase susceptibility and environmental factors. The factors can influence the immune activation and CNS targeting.
    In summation, targeting B cells could help in treating MS but more research is required to further understand the underlying immunological mechanisms.
    Trentin’s STEAM project demonstrates the pathophysiology of MS. His project creatively depicts the mechanisms and steps of demyelination and axon degeneration caused by MS. His project compliments his essay in a visually creative manner that was drawn with very good details. The project displays the T and B cells interacting, the antibodies involved, and how the damaged myelin interrupts the action potential signal. The project depicts these processes on a cellular level as well as the course neurons take and where they are disrupted.
    A few constructive criticisms or areas of improvement I have include defining or simplifying terminology as well as a bit more detailed explanations (background info on MS, demographics, other treatments, etc). One example is the “BBB” on the art project. It took me a bit longer to recognize the ‘blood brain barrier’ is what is being referenced.
    Overall, the paper was informative, well researched and offered detailed explanations of complex immune processes and their relevance to MS pathogenesis. The cited studies really supported your writing and provided good resources. Lastly, you highlighted the purpose and clarity of your essay really well by focusing on underlying immune mechanisms of MS. Your project was easy to read and follow. The details and labeling made your vision clear and I really liked how detailed your neurons turned out. The small body of the nervous system really pieced your project together as well, it demonstrates that MS affects the whole body.

    Elena Carlo

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