My project this semester is on Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, or PCOS. This is becoming rapidly more common in young girls, and those with PCOS battle an array of different symptoms and struggles. With this project, I really wanted to highlight as many facets of PCOS as I could, so that those with little knowledge may become more informed. Perhaps, this might reach someone with PCOS, so that they will feel more seen.

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  1. Averie’s project regards a heath condition known as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Her project highlights possible treatments for patients, the causes of this condition, and sparks the awareness of rising cases in young girls. This condition is known as a hormonal disorder. What happens is the ovaries will swell and enlarge, while also developing cysts around the outer edge. This is due to an irregular production of male hormones in the females body. This can cause severe pain to the patient and even cause irregular period, ovulation, or infertility. The research regarding the main cause of these irregular rise in male hormone production is still unknown and under inspection, but it is believed to be cause by an individuals genetics pasted down from ancestors, and possible environmental habits or factors. Some who are effected with is disorder do not experience as many severe symptoms, while others do. It really just depends on the person and how their body reacts and deals with the condition. For females effected by this disorder, there are several recommendations made by doctors to help improve symptoms and ease pain. Diet is important, as PCOS can lead to obesity and changing eating habits may result in less symptoms. However diet will not cure this disorder. Doctor may also recommend hitting the gym and lifting weights as this has been proven to help reduces symptoms in patients. In more sever cases hormonal contraceptives may be required to help the patients body to regulate the production of male hormones. Surgery may also be required to removes cysts as they can cause severe and excruciating pain to the person as well, but even if these cysts are remove from the outer part of the females ovaries, it is very likely that they will grow back. Through her project, Averie hopes to help more people to become aware of this disorder and help others understand what people are experiencing.


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