Achilles Tendinitis

For my STEAM Project, I focused on Achilles Tendinitis. The first photo shows a perfect, healthy Achilles tendon. The two middle pictures show the different Grade stages of how Achilles Tendinitis rupture occurs and how it’s affecting the gastrocnemius, calcaneus, and collagen network structure. The last picture shows how the bone development is repaired back into a healthy and working Achilles tendon by surgery where the tendon will be stitched back together.

Patella Tendonitis

I chose for my STEAM project to understand the causes of something I struggle with as an athlete, knee pain from overuse. This model is meant to depict and represent all the important muscles and tendons that are involved with a specific kind of knee pain called patella tendonitis. This …

The Effects of Muscular Dystrophy in Muscular Contraction

I could not upload an actual picture, so here is the link to my project. Although muscular dystrophy affects muscle contraction, it does affect the size of the muscle as well. With muscle contractions being affected, the entire muscle becomes affected. Anna Salzman

Bikram Yoga and Spinal Stenosis

My steam project describes how pain and immobility caused by spinal stenosis, the narrowing of the vertebrae, can be reduced through Bikram yoga. I preformed the practice’s spinal series consisting of eleven postures. The objectives I covered were using proper terminology to describe the bones and muscles at work and …