1. The effects of the body with only one kidney.
    Living with only one kidney is a rare situation for that person most can live with one kidney and be fine for most of there live. Most people that are healthy can live with one kidney if they remain healthy. Some are born with one or have one removed there is slight lost when the kidney is removed. There is a chance the body can’t take it, but this only happens if 25 years or more happen. There also the chance for high blood pressure to happen but the problems for that person are rare and most live normal lives with few problems.
    A person with one kidney must be very careful when doing sports and make sure the area of the kidney is protected. Some doctors suggest that they don’t do sports at all to help lessen the risk of injury. Most wear protective gear when going out for sports padded vest under clothing protecting them in case, they get injured. Most people with one healthy kidney do not need to follow a special diet. If you have a kidney transplant due to kidney disease or kidney failure, you may have some restrictions. There is also Solitary kidney is a condition in which a person has a single kidney instead of two kidneys. A person may be born with one kidney or have two kidneys but only one functional or lose one kidney to a disease, such as kidney cancer.
    Most people with a single kidney can live a normal life without developing any long or short-term problems. However, the risk of developing mild high blood pressure, fluid retention, and proteinuria is slightly higher if you have one kidney instead of two. Certain foods and drinks like alcohol and caffeine should be limited and high-protein foods should be avoided. Since the kidneys remove the waste that proteins are broken down into, eating a protein rich diet can help the kidneys with the extra work that needs to be done.
    Having a job with one kidney is normal life if you have two kidneys but some jobs are too dangerous to do like ones that involve athletes. Because their job involves bodily harm around the body like boxing, wrestling, football, and ice hockey to name a few. Having one kidney can be considered a disability if you meet the Blue Book requirements outlined by the SSA for kidney disease. If you can no longer work full time because of your kidney disease, the SSA could consider you disabled and you will be able to receive Social Security disability benefits.
    Both kidneys help produce several hormones that affect the immune response. including vitamin D, which regulates bone homeostasis and phagocyte function, erythropoietin, which is induced in response to hypoxia to regulate erythropoiesis.
    The conclusion of this is you can survive if you do not have two kidneys but some things in life would be harder on you due to not having two kidneys. The person can survive and live a normal life.

    Ian White
  2. Diagram and evaluate how countercurrent exchange work.
    Discuss how disease can emphasis this control.
    Know the anatomy of kidneys and describe the general function of the cortex, medulla, and pelvis.

    Living with one kidney is not a huge issue. There are some issues that are associated with only having one kidney, but the majority of the issues lead to living a normal life. A person with one kidney should avoid certain activities and foods. The image for this artwork shows how the blood flows through the kidney.

    Kristen Wenke
  3. Peer review for Ian White

    Ian wrote about the effects of living with only one kidney. Now I found this information extremely beneficial. A person with only one kidney must be extremely careful when playing sports, while also ensuring that their kidney area is protected. Based on the information he provided a person with only one kidney can live a normal life if they take the extra precautions based on their condition. Another fact provided was that when jobs come into play a person must be more careful when working certain jobs. Not everyone can perform the same job duties. A diet for a single kidney being would have to be low in protein. Meaning they must limit their alcohol intake as well as caffeine intake. While also avoiding a high protein meat and other food products.

    Many people can be more with a single kidney that functions, and another that isn’t functional. There is also the possibility of losing a kidney to a disease such as cancer of the kidneys. There is also a high chance that a person with one kidney after losing one to cancer, can develop cancer within the other kidney. There is also an off chance that said person can develop high blood pressure later in life. There are many things that can happen because of one kidney. While ideally, it is preferred that you have two kidneys to keep up with the filtering of proteins.

    Alexis sterling

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