I created this art in the image of what I think epilepsy looks like. Hence all the bright colors and chaos. I wanted to show the mess and chaos of epilepsy and how difficult it can be to understand this disease. I added the neurons and axons to show the scientific side of epilepsy. As you can see there are three big black blotches, which represent disruptions in the nerve cells. Which is the reason I made the cell body and axons black. The different bright colors and textures represent the causes and triggers of epilepsy.

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  1. This project does well at taking an understanding of epilepsy as a human experience as well as the cellular processes behind epilepsy. It expresses a clear understanding of the objective beyond the course and is a beautiful, non-literal representation of what one might imagine epilepsy looks like. The description provides a clear explanation of what the reader is looking at, and the cellular explanation as to why it looks the way it does.


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