My project is on how the brain looks before and after a hematoma occurs. My drawings are of a healthy brain and a brain that has suffered a subdural hematoma in the cerebrum. 

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  1. Jannah chose to do her STEAM project by illustrating two traditional art pieces. One of a healthy brain and one of a brain inflicted with subdural hematoma affecting the cerebrum. You can see that the one suffering from subdural hematoma has a large dark area towards the front of the brain. This dark area illustrates the pooling of blood on the outer covering of the brain. The most common occurrence of this affliction is the result of severe head injury. Age, certain medications, and the overuse of alcohol can also cause subdural hematoma.
    There are several ways to treat subdural hematoma. Some of which include; medication, surgical drainage of the affected area around the brain, or surgery.
    Jannah has also illustrated other parts of the brain for context, including the brain stem, cerebellum, and cerebrum. This allows for better understanding of the area around the condition.
    On an artistic view, it appears to be a graphite drawing on paper with grayscale values. There is detail in the gyri and sulci of the cerebrum and cerebellum with the added use of shading. Both drawings are also clearly labeled for comparative viewing.

    Hannah Holtz

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