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  1. STEAM Peer Abstract

    Hannah Holtz did her STEAM project on flesh eating bacteria. She did an art piece of a woman with flesh eating bacteria and used this to illustrate and label the different stages of flesh eating bacteria. Flesh eating bacteria has three stages, each with different symptoms and severities. In stage one, the flesh eating bacteria is just starting to show less severe symptoms. The bacteria causes swelling, tenderness, redness, and a warm sensation in the area affected. This is the stage where the infection begins. In stage two, more severe symptoms are seen. Blisters form on the affected area, as well as large fluid filled lesions called hemorrhagic bullae. In stage three, the most severe of the three stages, the blood supply to the area is cut so that the area cannot receive any oxygen. Because of the withdrawal of oxygen to the area, the tissue will die off. This is called necrosis and it leaves large amounts of dead tissue on the affected area because of the lack of blood. The patient will also suffer creaky joints in the area due to crepitus, which is caused by friction in cartilage and bone in the affected area.

    Jason Buffington

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