I did my project on the eye and the eye disease Glaucoma. I picked this topic because it is relatable to me and i found it very interesting. For this project I made a 3D eyeball that you can take a part and turn it into two. one side shows a healthy eye while the other shows an eye that is affected by Glaucoma.  I also made a poster where the left side has the anatomy of the eye, while the middle has a drawing of the inside of the eye and a little drawing of the muscles in the eye. Finally on the left side I drew whet it looks like with Glaucoma .


  1. Makayla made a 3 part poster describing and showing, with drawings, the anatomy of the eye and how it works normally. The poster also showed what a glaucoma affected eye looks like. There’s also a 3D take on a normal vs affected eye she made in conjunction with the poster.
    From her research, glaucoma is an eye disease that causes damage to the optic nerve which can lead to serious problems like blindness. When there is too much production of eye fluid or lack of proper drainage of the fluid, it can cause a build up of eye pressure. Enough pressure can lead to more damage to the optic nerve. If untreated or unnoticed, the optic nerve will not be able to send signals to the brain and therefore cause irreversible vision loss. Makayla stated the risks of getting glaucoma based on her own personal experiences with her eyes and how it is a disease that often goes unnoticed. She emphasized the importance of getting frequent checkups for early detection of eye diseases like glaucoma. The earlier, the better because there’s more treatment available for early onset. There’s a lot of unknowns with this disease still today, but treatments are becoming more and more advanced. If caught early, there is a chance for reducing vision loss or even regaining vision. Makalya explained how valuable vision is and also how vulnerable it can be. We must take advantage of our sight and take care of our eyes as long as we can. Her paper was very thoughtful about her own experiences, and was informative about how our eyes work, and how they are affected by Glaucoma.

    Stephanie Thompson

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