This is my cross-section model of the phases of wound healing sculpted out of playdough.

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  1. Rachael’s project was on the stages of wound healing using play doh as the medium. In her project she showed the four stages of healing (hemostasis, inflammatory, proliferative, and remodeling) in a visually appealing way. She clearly labeled what was what in each stage and what stage was which in a nice descending order. I think the first part of hemostasis should’ve been shown to show the platelet plug since that would be interesting to visually see the platelet plug before the blood clot comes in.
    In her essay she went into incredible depth and details on these four stages of wound healing. She went over all four stages explaining what each stage did in the event of a wound occuring. She started with the hemostasis stage and also explained the two main components of this stage, primary and secondary. Then she talked about the inflammatory stage, then the proliferative stage, and finally the remodeling stage. She ended her essay explaining how being knowledgeable on wound healing can promote oneself to take the best care of wounds during their healing which helps in the long run.
    I never knew that wound healing had all of these steps and always thought it was just platelets and then a scar. Rachael’s essay was informative and made me realize just how complex healing a wound is for the body. I was curious if the body did these same stages if the scar was disturbed via picking or another injury and if that hindered the remodeling process, but with Rachael’s essay, I can make a rough guess and say yes. Overall, her project was superb. I learned a lot about wound healing and her visual on it is great.

    Adriana Camacho-Rodriguez

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