I decided to do my project on osteoporosis because it was very interesting to me, and a few of my family members have osteoporosis so I wanted to learn a little more about it. My drawing shows what happens inside of a healthy bone, and what happens inside of a bone with osteoporosis.

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  1. Hi Michelle,
    I really liked how well you visually presented the difference between a healthy bone and one with osteoporosis. Your drawing skills are amazing! I especially like how you made it so easy to understand that inside of a healthy bone, there are going to be more osteoblasts than osteoclasts, but in the bone with osteoporosis, there are more osteoclasts than osteoblasts. After reading your paper, it was really interesting to find out that hormone replacement therapy has actually diminished in the last decade. When we were talking about this topic in class, almost everyone brought up that hormone replacement therapy made the most sense in preventing osteoporosis being that the reason for this problem is a decline in hormone levels so that was shocking to read in your paper. I also really liked how you touched up on bone development instead of just diving into osteoporosis right away. This definitely gave me some refreshers from when we went over this earlier in the semester. It’s crazy to think that our bones go through a remodeling process. This is something that I rarely think of, but after reading your paper I’m wondering to myself if my bones are being remodeled right now. I am also afraid that this is something that might happen to me in the future so I am definitely taking precautions like exercising and taking multivitamins, especially vitamin D and calcium, to ensure that I am getting the proper nutrients in. It’s scary that this is something that is regularly seen in many elderly people and can cause even the simplest falls to be life threatening, so I definitely want to make sure that I do everything I can to avoid that.

    Lawrence Donnellan

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