For my STEAM project, I did Osgood-Schlatter Disease. OSD is a disease that stems from the overuse of the patellar tendon and causes a protruding section of bone at the tibial tuberosity. This impacts approximately 20% of physically active adolescents who are skeletally immature and the effects usually subside within 1-2 years or after puberty. I have drawn two knee joints; one that is healthy and normal (left) and one with a protruding tibial tuberosity (right).

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  1. My partner Nick did his project on OSD (Osgood – Schlatter disease) There is not really a reason for this disease but Nick did say there are a few factors that could play a role in someone developing this disease. After many time sensitive studies happened in Japan and a University in Sagamihara. The studies showed that body mass, Hight, age, etc. didn’t pay a role but how the gravity shifts on the body when you kick. OSD is a disease that is a result of prolonged activity and stress on the muscles/ joints. As always everything is needed in moderation just like exercise and health. Nick has a amazing description of what a healthy bone structure looks like compared to the unhealthy OSD. In his diagram you can see that inflammation due to the tendon pulling on the growth plate repeatedly. I really enjoyed the detailed paper that Nick wrote. After doing some of my own research there are many studies conducted to try and understand this disease a little more. Nick’s poster has a lot of detail and awesome labels!


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