There are 4 different categories we classify bones into based on their shape. They are long bones, short bones, flat bones, and irregular bones. I did not learn this until I was 20 years old. However, I learned who Pebbles Flintstone was at a very young age and to this day I remember she had a bone in her hair. Classifying bones by shapes seems like a tool that could have been helpful as a child learning the bones in the human body. I wanted to find a way to teach bone classification to children in a way they would understand and remember through the years. The creative way I thought of to teach kids the different classification of bones are 4 cave women with each cave woman wearing a different kind of bone in their hair to serve a different function based off of the function they serve in the human body.

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  1. For her STEAM project, Jesse focused on the different bone types and their functions. Jesse used a painting to help give kids a better way of learning and remembering what types of bones there are and the way the different bones work. Before creating the painting, she got a better understanding herself of the bones and the functions to help her to better educate kids who do the activity she came up with for learning bones and their functions. She came up with an activity of having kids create their own picture using the different types of bones in a way that would help them better connect with the function of each type of bone and also learn the location of the bones. By allowing the kids to share their pictures with their peers and by listening to how the other kids describe the bone type and their functions, the kids will hopefully be able to remember the activity they did when they were younger and recall what the types of bones there are and their functions when they are older.

    Rebecca Powell

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