Antigen-presenting cells (APC) are key players in initiating the adaptive immune response. However, much is still unknown about how a specific peptide fragment from the entire protein is chosen to be presented since some sections induce stronger immune responses than others. Understanding this mechanism would be vital information for vaccine development. The goal is to produce effective vaccines to protect individuals that are particularly susceptible to the flu.  I chose this topic because it is something that I have gotten to research at UAF. I also think it’s very important to understand this mechanism since COVID-19 is all we hear about and the quest for producing a vaccine is currently underway.

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  1. This project is about how antibodies are made and they are developed to be used in vaccines. The project visually shows each step through the pathway of an adaptive immune response. The research shows how understanding the mechanism is an important part of establishing a vaccine for any virus. The research shows that a particular peptide can be used because certain ones have a stronger immune response because that is the only reasoning the research has to show why they pick a certain protein. There is know other reasoning behind what determines what protein they pick and what they don’t.The process shows how the protein covers the surface and then digests the protein in a foreign material. Enzymes work together to digest the protein into smaller pieces. This when a certain peptide is chosen and used to activate the T-cell. The B-cells are then activated to go into the plasma cell to produce antibodies. The antibodies that were developed are used to get rid of the infection.I learned from this project how antibodies are formed to in vaccines. The project showed each step that is involved in the process. Each step was shown through an image that represented each part of the process. I thought it was easy to follow and easily understood. I liked being able to follow the steps and visually see everything as it would happen throughout the process. The project displayed a clear image into the process from protein to antibody development. This was a interesting project to look at considering everything going on with COVID-19 in the world right now.

    Chelsea Blackman

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