I did my project on the breakdown of the humoral immune response and how this can cause autoimmune diseases. I focused on celiac disease for this project. My project shows the interaction of gluten taken in from food interacting with the immune system as it is absorbed and it having a reaction.

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  1. Taylors STEAM project is about the immune response focusing on Celiacs Disease. Her image is showing how the immune system responds in the intestines. She explains the different types of immune cells and their functions. As well as where they are matured. Many people suffer from celiacs disease and it is important to understand how the immune system responds so that people can prevent eating foods that trigger the immune response. Once someone eats gluten their immune system recognizes this “natural” substance that we should view as safe but since the immune system is malfunctioning and an autoimmune disease it starts creating antibodies and reacting to the gluten in the small intestines. When all these things occur in the small intestine, the intestinal walls swell up, become inflamed and irritated. When the gluten starts being broken down by the lumen it activates the immune system and the T cells start to eat the gluten trying to get the stimulus that started the immune system to stop. Celiacs disease has many complications. The person may have issues maintaining a healthy weight. Nutrition can be low. Celiacs disease can cause types of bowl cancer and bone loss.


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