My artwork is a pop-art inspired piece depicting a healthcare worker and the supplies necessary to battle the novel COVID-19. I chose this as my project because I work in the hospital, and our policies and procedures change daily due to this virus. I include things such as the virus itself, hand sanitizer, PPE, and lungs, because that is often what is compromised. My objective was “Analyze the effects of disease on function and structure of the respiratory system’.


  1. STEAM Project Report:

    The objective of this project was “Analyze the effects of disease on structure and function of the respiratory system”. Hailey’s project was on COVID-19, and is about the measures that are used to combat coronavirus in a healthcare setting. Findings from this project are expressed through a picture, which depicts a healthcare worker surrounded by objects such as water, hand sanitizer, a mask, toilet paper, etc. These items all demonstrate preventative measures that help to prevent COVID-19’s spread. The picture is intended to represent the lungs under attack by coronavirus, as the lungs are one of, if not the main organs affected by COVID-19.

  2. The objective of Hailey Bakers STEAM project was to “analyze the effects of disease on function and structure of the respiratory system”. Her STEAM project was a pop-art piece inspiring the COVID-19 and what you think of when you hear COVID-19. When you think of COVID-19 you picture a healthcare worker and the virus, you picture the face mask that is a mandatory thing to wear for some. Hailey’s pop-art provides a healthcare worker and the necessary items to fight COVID-19 such as hand sanitizer, a face mask, gloves, toilet paper, a sign saying “social distancing”, and lungs. Hailey decided to make a pop-art of the healthcare worker and the necessary items to fight the virus because she herself works in a hospital and her work policies and procedures change daily because of the virus. I feel that Hailey can connect to her STEAM project and piece of pop-art because she works in a hospital, the healthcare worker in her piece of art could also represent herself.

    Adeline Knavel
  3. As a side note: COVID-19 is the disease. The virus that causes it is called SARS-CoV-2. Yup, SARS. The other viruses that cause SARS (and also MERS) are part of the coronaviridae family, as well. When the virus first emerged they didn’t yet have an isolate name for it; but knew it was a coronavirus so they called it the Novel Coronavirus or nCoV. Now it has its official name but the terms novel Coronavius and COVID have seemed to have stuck. In a formal paper, however, it would be best to use its proper name unless you are specifically talking about the COVID-19 disease itself.

  4. For more than a year, the whole planet is suffering from the corona pandemic. It caused a lot of panic, fear, and anxiety.
    People started to worry more about themselves, their families, and their beloved ones, which led them to take some more protective actions.
    A lot of our daily routine has changed; staying home is all we can do now. And if we have to go out a lot of precautions must be taken.
    We had really missed being in contact, hugging each other, shaking hands, and live freely.

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