Brandy Wilson STEAM Essay

One method of eliminating all types of gallstones from tiny ones to large one is known as The Gallbladder Cleanse. This cleanse is designed to rid the body of gallstones but it can also relieve the liver and the various bile ducts of the undesirable compounds that have built up over a period of many years from foods, fluids, products absorbed through the skin, and toxins inhaled from the air. Once these organs are unclogged they will function to their full potential.

What it boils down to is this: A clean liver will produce cleaner, smoother-flowing bile that can dissolve more cholesterol. A clean gallbladder will be able to store bile without retaining gallstone-causing cholesterol residue. And clean bile ducts will ensure that bile flows quickly to its destination in the small intestines.

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  1. I chose this topic because I read up on the subject of liver cleansing. After reading, I ran into a friend who used the cleans to pass gallstones successfully. Fully intrigued, I had to try it for myself and found the subject would make for a great research paper.


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