My project is on iron deficiency anemia, a common condition where the blood lacks an adequate amount of red blood cells and has insufficient iron. My models of a healthy and unhealthy (anemic) red blood cell (red and faded cough drops) are shown magnified, with pipe cleaners and washers representing the hemoglobin molecules inside each cell (paper). Healthy and unhealthy hemoglobin molecules

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  1. The objective from our lectures that best fits this project is: describe disorders of blood and how they can be treated.

    Anemia is a condition of the blood where the body does not have enough red blood cells which causes reduced oxygen getting to the body’s tissues. Iron is needed by the bone marrow to make hemoglobin, and without enough iron, your body can not produce enough hemoglobin for the red blood cells. Symptoms of anemia include fatigue or even pain. This is caused by your organs not getting the nutrients they need to function properly.

    In the case of Anemia, there are supplements that you can take if you are iron deficient. Eating a diet that is rich in iron such as leafy greens. Cooking with a cast-iron skillet has also been recommended to get some extra iron, as the food can take up some of the iron from the skillet.

    The healthy blood cell – dark red – depicts an iron sufficient cell in proper working condition. The unhealthy anemic blood cell is shown in light red and is iron deficient. In comparing an anemic person’s blood with a healthy person’s blood, you will see a decreased number of red blood cells.


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