I did my project on diabetic ketoacidosis(DKA). In the image, it shows the difference for a person with normal blood glucose levels and someone who has high blood glucose levels due to DKA.


  1. Christina wrote a very good paper on Diabetic Ketoacidosis(DKA). She also did a nice drawing of a person with a normal blood glucose level and a person with a high blood glucose level. In the paper she goes over what DKA is and from her paper

    “DKA is a metabolic derangement consisting of three concurrent abnormalities: high blood glucose, high ketone bodies, and metabolic acidosis”

    She explains that ketones are a build up of an acidic substance that can reach dangerous levels. She also talks about the different types of diabetes which I didnt know that there is a third type of diabetes. I have only heard about Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. She goes onto explain that type 1 diabetes is the most affected by DKA. It is people that are genetically diabetic, that their bodies cannot produce enough insulin. She also said that she learned that early detection for the disease is very key. She said that the symptoms of detection is frequent urination, nausea or vomiting, fatigue, dry mouth and “fruit-smelling breath” which I’m very curious to what that smells like I have no idea why. If you do get DKA and dont get it treated it can lead to coma, edema, and sometimes death. If you do get DKA that treatment is available, and if it is not too serious that there is a hotline to call to ask about treatment. Treatments very from just rehydrating, insulin, or electrolyte balancing. Overall it was a good paper very informative and I learned about a type of diabetes I havent hear of “gestational”, I mean I probably heard of it but it just sits in the shadows of Type 1 and Type 2.


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