Lauren Mai STEAM Project: Resorption in the Jaw Bone and the Affect it has on Teeth

Alveolar Bone resorption seen in the jaw can be caused by periodontitis. When left untreated, the rate of resorption can continue to increase and eventually cause tooth attachment loss and tooth loss. Once tooth loss occurs, even more, bone resorption can occur in the jaw. The illustration of the project depicts how when osteoclasts and osteoblasts work outside of equilibrium, significant bone resorption can occur in the jaw, and tooth loss can occur.

My hope is that from my project my peers will understand the importance of oral hygiene; brushing twice a day with proper technique and flossing at least once a day can help prevent Periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is caused by a build-up of plaque that contains bacterium which creates inflammatory cells that disrupt the remodeling process. This is discussed in more detail in my essay.

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Drew Sheets’ STEAM project: Sickle Cell Disease

In my STEAM project, I covered how Sickle Cell Disease impacts the human body as well as the reasons behind it. This comic, based on a true story, takes an exciting and informative look at how sickle cells affect the circulatory system in a heartwarming tale of perseverance. 

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The importance of pH in the body

I chose to discuss the importance of pH balance in the blood as it relates to enzymatic function, cellular respiration as a cause of lowered pH and buffers in the blood to help keep pH in the optimum range by drawing cartoons on a pizza box.

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My project dives deeper into the Reproductive system and focuses in on the finer details and roles of the placenta in pregnancy and after.

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Don’t Be So Hormonal


Here’s my brief comic about how hormones can effect the body. We all have a slightly exasperated individual sitting in the office of our mind wondering how they got in this situation to begin with. (If the text is too hard to read then I would suggest either clicking on the image or right clicking on the image to view and then zooming there. I didn’t plan out my comic spacing before hand.)

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Prosopagnosia; An Interpretation

Prosopagnosia, or “face blindness”, is a condition which prohibits the individual from recognizing faces due to an issue in the anterior fusiform gyrus, and they must rely on other telling aspects of a person (like clothes, jewelry, or distinctive facial features like a mole)- this condition causes the individual possessing it to have a plethora of social difficulties, and for this project I wanted to create an art piece that portrayed the feeling of being surrounded by unknown faces, and having a person one knows through a different feature finally being recognized.

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CNS and PNS, “telephone”

I decided to create a drawing, likening the CNS and PNS to an old school telephone operating system. I used the spinal cord as the switchboard of the telephone system. The operator is the brain. Then there are wires, like telephone lines down the street, that are the PNS. They take the message that the CNS specifically meant for the toes down to the toes. Or the message that was meant for the arms, to the arms.

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I made my STEAM project about osteoporosis because I enjoyed learning about the disease. The woman in the beginning is drinking milk, but she hasn’t been having enough calcium as seen by the Ca++ tanks on the second page. This causes the osteoclasts to break down more bone than they’re supposed to. This leads the personified osteoblast at the end of the comic to be surprised that they’ll be unable to keep up with the osteoclasts’ activity.

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