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  1. Stasia did a great job on her STEAM project! It’s an educational yet funny poem describing (from what I gathered) food poisoning from gravy. Stasia appropriately described how food travels through the organs and what process is taking place at that organ. She mentioned how food travels so easily (Peristalsis). The lining of the stomach (HCL and enzymes). What the food is after the stomach (Chyme). From the gallbladder and to the duodenum. From the pancreas juices and into the small intestines where the enterotoxins are released causing stomach cramps. She also mentioned how the body tries to get rid of the bacteria quickly by shoving the bowel quickly which means the large intestine doesn’t have time to finish absorbing the remaining water and so you’re left with diarrhea. Within that loose bowel movement, you have what is called “Clostridium Perfringens”, which is a type of bacteria that is the most common cause of food poisoning. What I would recommend is the artwork and the wording. It gets difficult to read in the first and second sections and more so in the second section. I would recommend moving the words or the art around to fit nicely or using a different text color. Other than that, I thought this was a creative way to describe the digestive system and how it works with a little humor. I thought the artwork was implemented as well. It was useful for putting a picture to the words so that from the reader’s perspective, it’s easier to follow along.

    Overall, great work Stasia! I enjoyed reading your poem!
    -Ben Woods

    Ben Woods

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