I chose to do my project on osteosarcoma. I am very interested in cancer and osteosarcoma was a topic that I could relate back to the functions of the bone.

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  1. My partner did her project on Osteosarcoma. Osteosarcoma is the biggest type of bone cancer. This cancer can cause patients to have pain, difficulty moving, and swelling. These causes come from the fact that the bone can’t do what the bone needs to do correctly. This happens because the cancer in the bone is affecting its functioning ability. For example, the pain can be caused by bone fractures that happen because the bone will get weaker. Since these people’s bones get so weak they aren’t able to hold up the body like healthy bones can, which is why people can’t move very well. In order to heal this cancer there are a couple of different ways. You can first do neoadjuvant chemotherapy. The goal of this chemotherapy is that ninety percent of the cells die off from chemotherapy. You can also do surgery to get rid of it. The doctors will go into the bone and take out as many tumor cells as they can get out. Thirdly it is highly recommended to then do more chemotherapy after the surgery. This will ensure that the chance of it coming back is slimmer. Small bits of the cancer can be accidentally left after surgery so it is best to make sure it is all gone. In her art project, she made a tibia out of sculpting clay. She then made a tumor and connected them together. The cancer is on the side and she tried to make it look as close as possible to what a fully grown tumor would look like on the bone.

    Jadynn Heineken

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