Hi everyone, my project focuses on the eight classifications of fractures and their prevalence in ATV accidents. There are eight types of fractures modeled above. The straws represent bone while the Play Doh represents the surrounding connective tissues and skin.

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  1. Rachel Winkworth’s project was on the injuries sustained from ATV accidents, namely fractures. In her project she made 8 different types of fractures. The objective covered was, classification of fractures. She made her project using different colors of Play-Doh as the connective tissue and straws as the bones. The first model is a closed fracture and is characterized by the bone not breaking through the skin. Next she covered an open fracture which is the bone breaking through the skin. The third fracture is a transverse fracture which is a break that is perpendicular to the bone. The fourth model is a spiral fracture and that is when the bone twists and fractures. Fifthly, is a comminuted fracture which is small pieces of the bone broken up. The sixth model demonstrates an impacted fracture which is when one of the halves of a bone is fractured then pushing into the other bone. The seventh model displays a greenstick fracture and this is when the bone is not completely broken. Lastly there is an oblique fracture which is when the fracture is not 90 degrees. She noticed that an open fracture is most common in ATV crashes and is susceptible to infection. 75% of all ATV accidents had one of the types of fractures and there is no data to show which fracture which was most common. You can have more than one type of fracture at once.

    Jacob Hilton

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