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  1. Very well done overall. The interplay of the structure of the gingerbread house. Vitamin D is so essential, especially here in Alaska during the winter months but overall for bone health. The inclusion of this aspect in the sun really helps illuminate that. Simultaneously, we have other necessary supplements like magnesium and calcium being emulated by the pumpkin seeds and almonds opposite the sun. The fact that everything, from the door to the chimney to the little gingerbread folks getting in their exercise, everything points to the necessity of staying active, eating healthy, and abstaining from bad habits like smoking or excessive drinking that illuminate the keys to bone health and the prevention of osteoporosis. Finally, the symbolism of the femur and the wine glasses drives home that final point, of indulging with moderation before it becomes problematic- not just in the ways we see but the unseen effects on one’s bones.

    Great job (and on a personal note, it looks delicious. Well done!)

    Eli Giudice

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