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  1. Tyler’s project covers the objective of identifying the four types of tissue. He starts off in his essay by listing them. However, there is a minor mistake as he lists glands, which are not one of the four tissues, when it should instead be nervous tissue. His project does show that he went beyond just the course material and actually researched different diseases and how they relate to the tissues. It provides more insight into what some problems involved with these tissues would be. The essay though, does not go into much detail about what each of these diseases are and how they affect the respective tissues. The creativity in this project is amazing and unique. He takes his objective and uses a non literal idea to express it. Imagination was used in that he thought up how a whole game could be played using these cards of different tissue diseases. Peer reviewed outside sources are used and cited mostly according to APA standards. Over all this project was done well and did a great job of putting a unique perspective to the objective. Effort was definitely put into it, and has some interesting things to learn about some of the diseases that affect tissues.

    Isabel Blake

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