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  1. Coronavirus Covid-19 is a pathogen the worldwide community has had to navigate with over the past 3 years. This project shows its affects through the use of polymer clay. A person becomes infect with the disease after aspirating droplets that infect the trachea and nasal mucosal layer. This will cause many symptoms including pneumonia, acute respiratory distress, and sepsis. One of the major complications is the lungs filling with fluid which will lead to hospitalization after breathing difficulty starts. The damage afflicted on the lungs it shown here by the contrasting colors. The healthy lung is shown with bright purple alveoli attached to one another by pink bronchioles all surrounded by healthy lung tissue. The Covid-19 lung is a stark contrast represented with blue deoxygenated alveoli attached by green bronchioles and surrounded by dark lung tissue.

    Peder Rickbeil

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