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  1. Although there is not description of this artwork and even if there wasn’t a title for it, you can tell what this drawing is about. This girl is addicted to nicotine and she just can’t let go of it. So as it is floating away from the girl she is reaching out to grab it and take it back. This is a really important message especially for todays younger generations because a lot of young adults and teenagers these days are addicted to nicotine. Back in the day people were very worried about those who smoked cigarettes and made a bunch of commercials on why they were bad for you. Now people have switched over to using nicotine substances such as this elf bar which is now being told that it is worse than cigarettes. Now instead of having a bunch of commercials for the health risks on cigarettes and why you shouldn’t smoke them we have a lot more commercials showing the effects of vaping. This has become a very popular trend and more and more younger kids are vaping.

    Eva Vanover

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