For my STEAM project I decided to look at injuries in the knee among skiers. Skiing is a big part of my own winter activities so I thought doing some research about the different injuries in the knees would be beneficial. My object that I covered is know the muscles involved in the knee joint. I drew out a person skiing and all the different muscled involved in the knee from what you can see!

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  1. I really enjoy the shading and depth shown in the leg muscles. It shows how they are textured and helps to differentiate between different muscles. It would be nice to see up close just the knee at a superior view so we could see how the muscles are shaped and how they are arranged from another angle, it would also help to show a deeper knowledge and display it to others. Another thing you could do is to show specifically which muscle/ muscle tears are most common during ski injuries on a diagram so specifics are shown. I really like how you show the snow gear and ski’s because it connects and flows very well with your project topic and why you wanted to do it. It also helps to fill in the imaginative portion of the rubric because it is not just an anatomically correct diagram, it has other aspects as well. I also really enjoy the topic you chose because it relates very well to the muscle unit we covered in class but also goes into specifics. I know in the bone unit we covered how the wider pelvis in women puts more of a strain on the knee and therefore knee injuries in female runners are more likely. You could also implement some of the bone unit in it this way. Overall I really like your creative portion of the project and can tell you put in lots of time making it!

    Jacqui Wendler

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