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  1. I think your artwork for your project is exceptional at informing the anatomy and the process in which normal cell division occurs versus when the mutation is involved and what that looks like. I really like the creativity that you used three different views to show your objective and found it easy to follow along with, in conjunction with your essay portion. Cancer is something I feel we all know of but not necessarily about, I appreciated the in depth description of what is occurring during mitosis and the visual representation of the accumulation of the cells that carry the mutation. I figured before that the cells are dividing at an alarming rate but I wasn’t aware that apoptosis wasn’t occurring within these cells. It makes sense the way you described the process and why typically people will have to get them surgically removed. This definitely made me more interested in what is occurring and I have some questions on benign tumors and malignant tumors and how the mitosis maybe self corrects itself? I’m not sure, but it gives me something to look into. Definitely will be asking more questions! I think overall you did a great project that was interesting and made clear connection with the art portion, essay, and the objective you chose, I’d give a 10/10! I’m glad you did this topic, though I’m sorry you have such a close connection with it personally.

    Isabel Pineda

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