My project is based on the idea of individuals, children specifically, with special needs getting juvenile osteoporosis. I used a poster board to explain some background info and the art aspects focus on osteoporosis under a microscope. I drew out what a slide of bone would look like with milk and severe osteoporosis and I so made it out of clay to ve able to actually see the cavities and compare them to each other.

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  1. This steam project includes visual aids on the topic of juvenile osteoporosis. A piece made of clay represents the bone’s pores, one of healthy bone, and the other that is under osteoporosis. The one with osteoporosis has much bigger pores and is calcium deficient. There are drawings of bones showing how fragile and less dense bones become with osteoporosis compared to normal, healthy bones and mild bones. The piece highlights the importance of children eating a diet that is rich in bone-supporting ingredients. There is also a section detailing the correlation between neurodivergent children and osteoporosis.

    Chloe Parker

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