In my STEAM Project, I covered how acne vulgaris can potentially damage the epithelial tissue.  My illustrations show the different stages of acne forming within the hair follicle, from beginning to end. My art project was supposed to be a small flip book, but I had trouble getting all the components on camera, so I opted for a collage instead. 

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  1. Alyssa had an interesting project about acne and what can cause acne. I really enjoyed how well her project expanded on the subject matter we were already learning and knowing about the skin from our class was a great base for this additional knowledge. As someone who has struggled with acne a lot of the information in her written portion wasn’t so new to me, but I found it interesting that the bacteria can spread by damaging the skin barrier. Her drawing are interesting to look at and I like how they show the progression of acne and a close up on the skin. Alyssa talked in her paper about the different types of acne, I would’ve loved to hear more about the distinction between the different types. I think the flip book medium is a great way to show the subject matter and I can tell a lot of care went into her drawings. Great job!


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