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  1. This project does a good job of delving into injuries of the integumentary system by focusing on burns and the different layers of damage from their severity. This project addresses the objective of describing tissues in the integumentary system and their functions by showing what happens when they are impaired. As a burn increases in severity, it damages, and possibly exposes, a new layer of the integumentary system. In a first degree burn you just see a slight discoloration, and only the epidermis is damaged. Since the epidermis is avascular and composed of keratinized, stratified squamous epithelium, the burn has a limited effect on the overall functioning of the system. But for second degree burns, the damage makes it down to the dermis, and there is a visible difference in how the body reacts. As they paintings work up the burn levels, you can visibly see the way the deeper layers of the integumentary system are affected, with the damage making its way through the dermis, and eventually through it to the tissue and bone below. The fourth degree burn painting in particular does a good job of giving the sense of the layers of tissues in the body and opening them up to be seen. I thought this was a well-done examination of different burn levels and how they relate to tissue layers in the integumentary system.

    Lyra Dalton

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