This project details how scoliosis affects different areas of the body. With some help from my cousins, I drew a diagram of my body and spine as I am afflicted with scoliosis. On this diagram, I outlined many of the side effects of having scoliosis.

Edit: Unfortunately, this is the best picture I could take with my current supplies. Most of the blurbs can be read, but the head says:

A typical head weighs about 10-12 lbs, but with an altered position of just 2 in, 24 lbs of pressure are exerted on the spine.

-Bunch Chiropractic

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  1. The model that is presented is a nice representation of how scoliosis affects the body. The model does a good job going from body part to body part talking about how they are individually affected. The spine, which seems to be the main part that is affected, is visibly out of shape, details like these make it easy to understand what’s going on inside of the body. There are also other bones in this model that help paint a great picture of what’s going on in the body. It also specifies the other body parts that are affected, for example muscle types, they made a point to talk about how a certain muscle type would be disproportionate. This model does well on showing the skeleton system that is affected for only being a 2d surface.

    Dante Burk

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