My STEAM project relates to the objective “Analyze the effects of disease on function and structure of the respiratory system.” My project is a painting of a set of lungs. The left lung is healthy, and the right lung has lung cancer, specifically lepidic predominant invasive adenocarcinoma. You can see that the right, diseased lung is a darker, less vibrant color with 3 of the adenocarcinoma tumors.

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  1. Jailyn used painting to illustrate the difference between what a healthy lung looks like and what a lung with adenocarcinoma looks like. We can see in the painting that the healthy lung is a more vibrant pinkish hue and the diseased ling is darker with tumors spread throughout. In Jailyn’s paper she describes how lung cancer is the most common cancer resulting in death. It is also the most commonly diagnosed cancer in adults. The paper goes on to say that because lung cancer is unfortunately caught in later stages of the disease, the survival rate is approximately only five years. We learn that adenocarcinoma makes up over half of the non-small cell lung cancers diagnosed. She goes on to relay how crucial early detection is in order to have a chance at survival as well as the developmental stages of the disease. She describes the different technology used to detect the cancer at different stages and the difference in cells, patterns, and lesions. I think Jailyn did a good job overall with her painting and her paper. I was able to learn some interesting facts about lung cancer and specifically adenocarcinoma.

    Molly Solomon

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