I chose to do my steam project based on the cardiovascular system. For my project I baked and decorated a cake to resemble a human heart. I chose to answer a few of the objectives such as the structure and function of the heart, heart regulation, and described the bloodflow through the circulatory system.

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  1. My partner Tiffany made a replica of heart anatomy in the form of a cake. I thought that this was really cool since everything is so intricate and well planned. You can tell that this took a while to do, from research of the placement of arteries, to ventricles and such. I also like how instead of just simply drawing on the cake with icing she also made it 3D. Since we mainly see references of parts of anatomy from the pictures in a textbook, seeing in this new form was very interesting.I also think that this answers the objectives she chose which were the structure and function of the heart and describe the blood flow through the circulatory system. I also like how everything is color coded as well. I think she answered these with her project by obviously creating a replica of how the heart is formed and showing the blood flow. This proves that she has an astounding understanding of the cardiovascular system and I think she did a great job on this project. Not to mention the fact how hard it must be to creat parts of a cake to be 3D, I think that pushed this over the edge further.

    -Jade Algard

    Jade Algard

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