This short comic illustrates the causes, symptoms, treatments, and preventions of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

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  1. Hi Shayla, awesome project! My first reaction when I saw this was “wow, that’s cool how she organized it and made it very visual.” I noticed that it is very easy to read and follow. I did not really know too much about carpal tunnel so I liked this form of learning about it. I like that you started out with an interesting fact that this syndrome is one of the most common found in the hand. It was interesting to see all the different people in the first column doing different activities that were repetitive and using their hands a lot. I also like how, on the second column, you had a visual of the inflammation in the hand and the visual of what it looks like on the inside of the hand. I also like how you were talking to the viewer in sort of a conversation way, asking questions that the viewer was probably thinking like “are their ways to treat this?”. This was very engaging. It is very interesting that the hand is so fragile and repetitive stress on the hand can cause carpal tunnel. Thank you for all the information! I think your project reflects your topic perfectly and you also did it in a fun and unique way. Wonderful work and I will keep all of your tips in mind to prevent this!

    Jordan Fairchild

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