My drawing represents bone marrow inside of a long bone. The oval represents yellow marrow, but that it will not always look the same based on age differences. Other shaded portions are red marrow, but are also not exact representations, because age can vary the amount of red vs. yellow bone marrow.

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  1. William’s chosen topic was on bone marrow, which is spongy tissue that is located inside all bones. His artwork in particular is representative of red and yellow bone marrow inside a long bone. Red marrow is responsible for creating red and white blood cells and platelets, while yellow marrow is responsible for storing fat cells called adipocytes, and somewhat responsible for creating white blood cells. As people age, their amount of yellow marrow slowly overtakes the amount of red marrow inside bones. Some diseases that are related to bone marrow include leukemia, which is a cancer that creates abnormal blood cells; aplastic anemia which is where the marrow does not create enough red blood cells; myeloproliferative disorders which is where the marrow does not produce enough white blood cells; and lymphoma is cancer in which abnormal white blood cells overproduce and metastasize. Treatments of these various disorders include bone marrow transplants, stem cell infusions, and chemotherapy. I liked how William drew a representation of some of the ratios of the yellow and red marrow, and learning that the ratio changes as people get older.

    Erin Mathews

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