In this project we have the comparison to a regular knee and a knee that has osteoarthritis. The éclair contains a pastry cream that represents the bone marrow, also there is the lateral collateral ligament along with the fibular collateral ligament made out of twizzles.  There is chocolate that presents as the articular cartilage that coats the femoral condyle and the tibial plateau.

The knee is prone to osteoarthritis due to the constant stress it is under. Being a weight bearing joint there is more “normal” wear and tare. This is done from years of walking, running, jumping, and possible injury. Osteoarthritis has effected elderly, the athletic young, and the obese. There is no cure however, there is medication to make living with the pain tolerable.

On the left we have a normal picture of the the knee joint. The articular cartilage or chocolate has not been worn out and aids in the smooth gliding during movement. On the right we have a picture of a knee that has been in an injury that has worn out the cartilage and now is left the bone bare. This causes great pain for the patient due to the bone on bone rubbing the bone has to endure through normal tasks such as walking and running.

STEAM 2020