Here I have my project on the Immune System. I had the thought it would be catchy making a spin-off of the ‘Infinity Wars’ movie. Instead having it as ‘Lifetime Wars’ since the human body is always being bombarded by  the flu, virus, and other bacterium. On the left from the top down is the Macrophage, Killer-T Cell, and Antibodies. From the top right down is the Virus, bacterium, and influenza.



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  1. I absolutely love the creativity of this piece, especially with everything going on in the world right now with viruses. I am very involved in this talk of viruses working in the medical field, and would have loved to take a look at your essay. I feel like most of the world right now does not actually understand how viruses work, and this picture (being abstract and humorous) gives me hope and elation. This is because I have mostly heard how some people here in Fairbanks actually believe they can catch COVID19 twice. Now, there is a much deeper understanding here that needs to take place before saying ‘yes’ or ‘no.’

    So, we get a virus like COVID19. It first blows up, as it did in New York, but then you have Fairbanks–where it COULD have blew up, but didn’t. Why? Because we got a different strain, like most of the world did. Also, there are other factors into how viruses are spread, which is why New York City and Italy are so similar (because they are geographically similar). As this, like any FLU virus, invades our bodies we then start forming antibodies, which is the immune war shown in this picture. The macrophages already kicked in by alerting the immune system that something was invading, and the killer T-Cells also move into to kill and attack. This is allowing the body to have time to form antibodies, which is where a fever or a possible cytokine storm come into play.

    The thing here is, everybody’s body and immune system works differently, and like the flu, we are all affected by these viruses differently. I know over 100+ people who have had COVID here in Fairbanks that are entirely fine, and yet they are told they can get this virus twice. Each FLU virus that we get is a different strain from the first, like COVID, and that is because we form antibodies that fight off the same virus even if it changes. Theoretically, if somethings mutates enough it MAY be possible, but the likelihood of that happening is extremely low.

    Super cool project, I really enjoyed it!

    Kristina Robinson

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