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  1. The muscular system is a beautiful piece of art whose harmony enables the human body the ability to accomplish a multitude of capabilities. The piece associated with this STEAM project stimulates the mind as you travel through the complexities of the muscular system. The artwork shows the location of various muscles throughout the body, giving the notion of how multifaceted the system can be. Every muscle in the human body has its own unique function, working together to facilitate three main jobs: heat regulation through homeostasis, stability, and movement. In order to prevent the body from dropping to extreme low temperature, the muscles in the body will shiver to generate heat as a feedback loop to maintain temperature equilibrium. All muscles aid in stability and posture; the shoulder muscles support the head, the latissimus dorsi supports the back, and the gluteus maximus supports the legs and pelvic bones. The most amazing part of the muscular system is its ability to heal itself. Muscles have the capability of regenerating, developing new muscle tissue that has been lost. However, the muscular system is not invincible; many disorders can occur. For example, myosarcoma is a form of cancer that develops in muscular tissue. Yet, even after myosarcoma and other disorders, the muscular system continues to be one of the most resilient systems in the human body.

    Nicholas Morales

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