My project is depicting Pulmonary Edema, below is a picture of lungs made from recycled plastic, the green bottle marks the Trachea and breaks into two Primary Bronchi entering into the lungs which are the milk jugs on the left and right. Each lung only has one pulmonary bronchiole to convey the rest of the lung. Attached to the bronchiole are terminal bronchioles that have beads at the end to describe the alveoli. The right side shows the alveoli as a blue color mimicking a fluid filled alveoli as you can see there is also one or two green alveoli to show that not all alveoli in the lungs may be affected. The left side has green alveoli to depict that gas exchange is occurring. Both bronchioles and the terminal bronchioles have a red and blue line drawn on them to show the Pulmonary veins and Pulmonary arteries leading to the Capillaries. Above the lungs is a drawing of an alveoli located in a person with pulmonary edema. As you can see in the picture the capillaries run around the alveoli allowing tons of space for gas exchange along the membrane. However, because of the fluid inside the sac it does not allow gas exchange.



  1. Hello! This is Heather Conley and I’m just gonna leave my email here so you can send me your paper to read? I think that’s what we’re supposed to do?
    Then I will come back and comment here I think haha. Your project is fantastic by the way!

  2. This project was on pulmonary edema, which is a condition of excess fluid in the lungs. I thought this project was great, this person did a good job of showing how pulmonary edema can affect the alveoli of the lungs by marking with color changes and it shows how maybe only part of the lung can become affected. I really enjoyed the fact that this was all made with items found around the house, very creative! The drawing was a good add as it gave a more detailed look at how exactly the alveoli are unable to exchange gases due to the fluid and inflammation. Good job!


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