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  1. It looks as though as the older the age a person gets, the more their kidney grows and shows off bigger gaps and thicker, wider spots within the kidney that I assume is the cyst. The regular size kidney at age 15 looks healthy and normal, and just within fifteen years, the cyst start to show. Another fifteen years and they become bigger and greater, as well as age 60. This kidney disease looks to have a slow pace and doesn’t really start showing signs and heavily presenting itself into much later into adulthood. While progression in a whole looks slow, it seems that from age 45 to age 60 the progression is great and much more rapid as well as a major increase in kidney size. While in the different stages of PKD, it seems that it ultimately leads to kidney failure.
    The artwork is nice and for the most part, can distinguish what you are trying to say. The second picture has the most clear illustration.


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