The Interstitium- an artistic interpretation.
Additional angle views of the metallic paint.

This “organ” is a layer of tissue found across the body, especially in barrier areas like between the skin and primary organs. This is a fishnet like organ, where the spaces are filled with extra fluid. This fluid can be accessed for emergency purposes. To interpret this vast fluid blanket, I used metallic watercolor paints. Over 50,000 individual paint stipples were applied and layered in different cool, water-like tones, to represent to fluid webbing in our interstitium throughout our bodies. The metallic paint is dazzling and has much more color depth and reflection in person, I am sorry it didn’t come across as well in the photo, you may have to zoom for detail. If other photo angles of this project are requested just let me know!


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  1. Madeline’s STEAM project left me speechless. The way she used metallic paint was beautiful, it amazing to see how creative people can be. For her project, she painted an example of the interstitium, the contiguous fluid-filled space existing between a structural barrier, such as a cell wall or the skin, and internal structures, such as organs, including muscles and the circulatory system. Her background research was really well done and put together and it showed her expertise about the subject. I think her project is really amazing, and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear if she was an art major. I think it definitely goes above and beyond as a creative approach to a scientific subject and the amount of work she must’ve put in leaves me in awe. She painted what seems to be three separate sections all depicting three female models with little detail, but their designs show the amount of work put in. If I could see it in person I think it would shine or sparkle from the metallic paint she used, which would just increase the overall beauty.

    Daniel Dykes

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